Music Appreciation Group for people with Sensory Loss


The music appreciation group, meet monthly at Guide Dogs SA headquarters to enjoy and learn about different music genres and experience community-based music events. The group is inclusive of people with sensory impairments and varying needs. Held monthly, the group has been operating since 2009. Mr Simon Wong, a vision impaired client himself, formed the group to provide members with the opportunity to connect, have fun and enjoy a monthly musical treat. The group coordinator, Ms Yasmine Flinn works together with the group to put together a yearly schedule of events. “The generosity of the music community is overwhelming, with many artists offering their time performing for the group, at no cost,” Ms Flinn said. The group is so supportive of one another and many enjoy the social aspect of meeting up each month. “For some members, this is their one and only social outing each month,’ she said. Many of the members have built lasting friendships through attending the music sessions and have started to network outside of the group. This month, the group is set to enjoy the woodwind quartet police band who has charitably donated their time on a number of occasions since the group formed in 2009.


A beginning – the birth of my blog

I was excited and also a little scared to take on this 3rd last uni subject – online news production. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time. Not because I want to sell anything or have a huge following or earn money from it, just because I like writing. I like it, but I want to get better at it. And what better way to get better is to keep practising. Well that’s what mum taught me and that’s what I’m teaching my kids. So this subject has pushed me into starting this blog. My theme is general. Just chit chat about my life, things I come across and people/things that interest me and might interest others. Well that should do me for now. Until my next entry, take care xo